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Digital Leaders for 2013

December 11th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Digital Leaders, English

Year 6 representative- Claudia who has been a digital leader for 2 years.

Year 5 representatives- Grace and Dillon for over a year.   Ellise and Lorna have recently been elected.

Year 4 representative- Joel who has been a DL for over a year.

Year 3 representative- Henry who has been a DL for over a year.

Year 2 representative- Lilianne, Elidir and Leo have been DL since Easter 2013.


All DL’s are committed  to supporting Miss B with ICT in the school and  sharing our knowledge and expertise.

We are hoping to have more training sessions with the teacher and help the TAs learn more about ICT. Also we need to ensure that we remind everyone how to be E-safe.  More opportunities to share things with other Digital Leaders.  Developing more knowledge about Scratch and Kodu as well as other programming resources.  In school we have a set of iPads, it would be great to see them being used more. So it is our job to help teachers use them.




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Digital Leaders this year by Dillon

July 3rd, 2014 · No Comments · Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders this year has been like any other year, experimenting with new curriculum’s writing reports and allot more. It has been fun this year with testing out new websites that I have never explored before. I would prefer to use more programming next year though. We have done LOTS of things this year, such as our teacher training, food buffet , programming, and lots more. I enjoyed programming the most by far because I love experimenting on scratch and  also on other websites and programs.

Not just have we been experimenting on the computer we’ve been using the i-Pads as well. We tested out on garage band and tried to make our own song , but that didn’t turn out very well because we couldn’t really get the hang of it, also creating comics with Lego figures on Comic Life.

We even had to interview people as newcomers for Digital Leaders. This year has been one of the greatest.


What Brunswick DL’s have done this year.

July 3rd, 2014 · No Comments · Digital Leaders

This year BHS’s DL’s have done lot’s of things. Like the optimus education conference which Claudia, Grace and I attended we had to sit up in-front of 300 adults and talk about how digital leaders help in our school. We also had a delicious buffet lunch. We have done three teacher training sessions this year. The first one was on animoto that since then my teacher has used lot’s. The second one we did was scratch 2.0 and hopscotch which I did and was really fun finding new solutions and was awesome teaching the teacher’s. The third one was garage band which is a really cool app which you can download for free and comes on I-pads it allows you to play instruments on a device.

We have done interview’s to see if other people would be good for the role of a Digital Leaders we had to ask them questions. Then we had to ask them to demonstrate something and then we would see who did it the best.


My review by Henry w

July 3rd, 2014 · No Comments · Uncategorized

What has gone well this year is knowing technology because when i was not a digital leader i was quiet worried when some thing pops up but now I know what to do on computers when some thing pops up get an adult or delete it and I sometimes have to help my mum and my dad on the iPad or computers. Why I like being a digital leader is because I like when we meet up and test new apps on the iPads or new websites on the computer also I like missing my lessons and meeting up with some one or being given a message and walking around the school with the message letting all the digital leaders know that message. Also we train teachers on the iPads and teach teachers on scratch or kudo and it is well fun!


My DL Review By Grace

July 3rd, 2014 · No Comments · Uncategorized

This year I have loved being a digital leader, I started when I was in year 3 and from then to now (year 5) being a digital leader has boosted my confidence. My faveroite part about being a digital leader has been the teacher training sessions we have had. Also I have gone on 2 DL trips this year, the first one was infront of about 200 teachers, if I wasn’t a digital leader I would be to shy to speak infront of lots of people! I have liked testing out new apps on the iPads and resorces as well. Being a digital leader has been super fun and I have learnt loads of stuff from being one!


Our Kent IT14 Conference presentation

June 30th, 2014 · No Comments · Digital Leaders, ICT